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Christmas Deadlines for Custom Made Inserts and online created Selfie ToastersTM is December 7th for domestic U.S.A. shipping and November 30th for International Shipping
You can always get the Selfie ToasterTM with a coupon redeemable for a custom made image of the recipient's choosing.

Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation

Creating Your Very Own Kitchen Counter Culture

Selfie ToastersTM

Any face on toast! Just possibly the most unique personailized gift ever created? A Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation original and yet to be copied... the one and only Selfie Toaster! This is not Photoshop Fiction. Get yours today.

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Note ToastersTM

What would you say in 1-3 lines with up to five characters each? Say it on toast.

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Burnt ImpressionsTM
Brand Toasters

From the Jesus, Mary or Peace Sign Toaster to a limited supply of our old style interchangable insert toasters choose our unique novelty toasters for your next gift on the list. Some of best breakfast laughs start with a Burnt ImpressionsTM Toaster.

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Toast InsertsTM
& Toasters

Do you own a Burnt ImpressionsTM interchangable insert toaster and want to expand it's capabilities? Looking for a starter toaster for less cost than our Selfie ToastersTM or Note ToastersTM? Explore our ever growing collection of toast art. Please toast safe and read the warnings.

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Burnt ImpressionsTM
Breakfast Club

Get free toaster replacements for life!
Subscribe to our Breakfast Club and get all the news about our specials and new toast inserts with our monthly newsletter. You may even find free stuff every now and then in your mailbox.
With a PAID SUBSCRIPTION, members also receive new inserts every month and enjoy discounts all the time.

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When Making Burnt ImpressionsTM Toast
Are all BREADS equal?

Not really. Each toast image is unique and reacts to toasting differently with any kind of bread, but fine grain breads without many air bubbles work best when trying to achieve the best image possible. Though many brands work well, our bread sponsor Jacquet® makes a crustless white bread we find extremely good for toasting your art.
Jacquet Logo

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Selfie ToastersTM

Selfie Toast

Create Online

The Christmas Deadlines for online created Selfie ToastersTM are:
December 5th for Domestic Orders, and
November 30th for International Orders.
Afterwards we cannot guarantee delivery of this made to order personalized product before Christmas. Order a Selfie ToasterTM with included coupon for custom selfie inserts after these dates.

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Buy With Included Coupon

The one and only Selfie ToasterTM with included instructions to redeem an unique coupon for custom selfie inserts at a future date. Let your friends and family decide which photo they want on toast!

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Redeem Selfie Coupons

Got a Selfie ToasterTM with a coupon to get your Inserts?

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Stock Burnt ImpressionsTM Toasters
The toasters that started it all... each with their own unique gift boxes
IMPORTANT - Their inserts are FIXED and WILL NOT work with our Interchangable Inserts

Jesus ToastersTM

Choose between the Original Jesus Toasters or our new 2nd Coming Jesus Toaster!
Jesus on toast has never been easier.

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Virgin Mary ToastersTM

Original Virgin Mary Toasters available at miraculous prices. These simulacran toasters are destroying eBay's "Miracle Toast" market.

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Peace ToastersTM

Bringing peace to the breakfast table every morning. Give these toasters a chance. Serve with whirled peas for a special treat!

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