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Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation

Toasting families, friends, logos, pets, trademarks, doodles, historical people, original art, quotes, notes, and so much more since 2010.

Breakfast Club

Join the Breakfast Club

Get Member Discounts. Check out your custom orders as they are processed. Update Images. Add your toast art to our collection and make money with commissions. Free lifetime toaster replacement.

Selfie Toaster

The Selfie ToasterTM

This ain't no Photoshop fiction.

A Unique Custom Made One of a Kind Novelty Gift - Any Face on Toast for Just
$69.95 plus shipping

Gotta Get One

InterChangeable Inserts

Interchangeable Inserts

Choose from our collection or create your own toast art. Pop them in our toasters and toast art pops out.

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Jesus Toaster

The Jesus ToasterTM

Quite possibly the Ultimate Novelty Christmas Gift

Get a Slice of Heaven for just
$34.99 plus shipping

Get Your Jesus Toaster

Selfie Toast

Just the Selfie ToastTM

Inserts & Toaster Not Included

Surprise Your Friends with Their Face on Toast! Clear Lid Gift Box Included. Not for Human Consumption.

Starting at $29.95 Each plus shipping

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Redemption Center

InterChangeable Inserts

Recieved a Selfie Toaster with a Redemption Code? This is the place to get your custom fabricated Selfie Toast Inserts included with our retailer versions.

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Special Deals

InterChangeable Inserts

Peace Toasters, Virgin Mary Toasters and our old style inserts toasters are on sale.

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