Corporate Blow Up Sale ~ the very last Selfie Toasters™ - Deluxe


Product Description

What Do You Get Besides the Inherent Satisfaction of Dismantling a Corporation?

One Burnt Impressions™ novel(ty) toaster - Disinfected with bleach wipes, though I am the only one on the mountain at the moment and I ain't got sick yet.

One Set of Custom Selfie Inserts - Any face on toast while supplies last. Discounted additional custom inserts available.

One Set of original Jesus Toaster™ Inserts - the savor that buttered our transition from wacky idea to profit jelly... then came a virus.

One Set of 6 ft Inserts - Six feet of separation bringing the world together.

One Set Dr. Fauci Inserts - We toast the man and his wisdom.

A Set of ALL (over 20) early legacy Chinese made "Ningbo" Inserts - These inserts include images that may be considered as offensive... though most are quite fun and benign. Let me know if you want just the kid friendly versions.

Appreciation for allowing me the honor of crippling the monster I created... creating a shell of what it once was, while erecting a monument to toast art, Selfie Toasters™ and Jesus Toasters™ for internet perpetuity.

Galen P Dively III - Artist & President at a small corporation in Vermont