About Us

In the beginning...

After finding the Hello Kitty™ toasters at Target... it seemed obvious. I wanted to make pot leaf and peace sign toasters. So, I called my friend Owen back home in Vermont. He had the factory sourced before my Christmas trip in Maryland was over, and soon after a toaster company was born. Then things got really toasted...


Jesus Toasters™

Before the first batch of Pot Leaf & Peace Sign toasters arrived, a dinner party with friends created the idea of the Jesus Toaster™... then a dear friend in Tucson created the art... and then a container of Jesus Toasters™ created a media sensation with just one press release. After catching the Jesus Toaster™ buzz, Al Gore even called to buy one.

First mention on NPR

First Jesus Toaster Video on YouTube

Omar Holmon performs "Jesus Christ Super Toaster" at the Bowery Poetry Club. 2011

Fox Business News

The National Review

My Favorite Blog Post from Bible Riffs

CNN / WCAX News Video


Selfie Toasters™

Named #3 in Time Magazine's Top 25 Weirdest Gadgets!
and more...
Real people... on a mountain in Vermont... making toast art.