Corporate Blow Up Event

I am selling all of my inventory of Selfie Toasters™ (less than 1000 left) in a final last hurrah business blow up event... or bust.

My Objectives...

  1. Pay back Line of Credit with the local bank.
  2. Pay back Shopify and PayPal loans.
  3. Deal with my $15k I.R.S. issue.
  4. Close all other business accounts payable.
  5. Create an eternal internet memorial to Jesus Toasters™ & Selfie Toasters™ and the fun stuff we have done.
  6. Honor all redemption codes for the next five years.
  7. Protect Trademarks so no others can market Jesus Toasters™ or Selfie Toasters™ for profit ever again.
  8. Do this without filing for bankruptcy.
  9. Grow food.

Thank you for all the fun over the years!

Galen P Dively III - Artist & President - Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation

Visualizing a freak run business dedicated to preserving stoner history that can in a moment's notice convert to an agrarian collective when the grocery stores stop selling food.