Corporate Blow Up Sale ~ the very last Selfie Toasters™ are here now!


Product Description

What Do You Get Besides the Inherent Satisfaction of Dismantling a Corporation?

One Burnt Impressions™ novel(ty) toaster - Disinfected with bleach wipes, though I am the only one on the mountain at the moment and I ain't got sick yet.

One Set of Custom Selfie Inserts - Any face on toast while supplies last. Discounted additional custom inserts available.

One Set of original Jesus Toaster™ Inserts - the savor that buttered our transition from wacky idea to profit jelly... then came a virus.

Appreciation for allowing me the honor of crippling the monster I created... creating a shell of what it once was, while erecting a monument to toast art, Selfie Toasters™ and Jesus Toasters™ for internet perpetuity.

Galen P Dively III - Artist & President at a small corporation in Vermont