the Selfie Toaster


Product Description

Any Face on Toast or Your Bread Back. It gets no butter than this.

The steps to a custom toaster:

  1. You let me know you understand the limitations of toast art and the sometimes impossibility of success on anything but a human face. One human face.
  2. This opens a logic branch in which you will upload the photo/image file you want us to make the toast art with. This step also allows the option to get up to five additional stainless steel stencils.
  3. If you choose to get additional stencils the logic tree will open up places to upload each additional photo/image file.
  4. This opens the electricity requirements. We carry US 120 Volt toasters AND EU 230 Volt toasters. Yes, we ship all over the world.
  5. After picking your electric type, you are given the option to personalize the toaster itself. This is with a UV resistant high resolution photograph label put on the front with essentially a sticker with a UV resistant and washable covering that. You can use the main toast photo you already uploaded, upload an entirely different one, or choose to keep the toaster blank. There is no extra charge for this.
  6. Then lastly you are given the option for rushed production of the stencils.

What you get:

One toaster specially made in China with rails and mechanisms which hold your bread to the interchangeable stainless steel stencils. Made here in Vermont. At my home. For each stencil you order you get two identical stainless steel stencils. One for each slice of toast. It's a two slice toaster.