Because Our World is not just Black and White Toasters

The Selfie ToasterTM Any Face on Toast!

This is not Photoshop fiction. It's real toast art that can butter up to any face. (Some limitations apply) Custom made stainless steel inserts created in house by our very own graphic artists and metal fabricators. Before buying some cheap made in China plastic toaster from Walmart consider checking out our toaster company in Vermont. Our toasters come with our lifetime replacement policy* and unlike the joke toasters sold in Walmart, our cheap plastic Chinese toasters can actually make you laugh. The laughter comes from the fabricated in Vermont stainless steel inserts that toast just about any image imaginable on a slice of bread. Imagine any face on toast. Get the picture?
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The Jesus ToasterTM For Your Daily Bread

Our Jesus toaster was the savior that buttered our transition from wacky idea to profit jelly. Spreading our vision of toast art to the masses while being quite possibly the coolest Christmas novelty gift on the planet. (maybe even heaven) As Jesus transcended Judaism, Jesus toaster's appeal transcends Christian marketing by also bringing Atheists, Agnostics, Dirt Worshipers and more the joy of our Host on toast.

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Assorted Toast Art for any Kitchen Table

We'll toast just about anything breakfast or life has to offer, our natural blend of free market capitalism and creative silliness spreads all kinds of ideas worth buttering. You can choose from our old favorites or churn your own butter with a little more dough. You can even get that back in bread if you join our Breakfast Club and start selling your own toast art. All inserts are interchangeable and work with our toasters. Buy the inserts with or without a toaster or even buy just the toast (gift boxed in a clear lidded jewelry box.) Everybody's welcome in our kitchen.

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Political Toast Toasting a Butter Republic.

This great kitchen was forged from revolutionary designs mixing agrarian and free market values. But the soul of any kitchen appliance is not spelled out on the list of it's features. It's what's outside that box, unseen yet injected into it's very molding, that allows our toasters and it's various toast images the ability to create such diverse food for thought.

Vote with Your Toast

Redemption Center Redeem Your Selfie Code

Received a Selfie Toaster with a Redemption Code? Redeem that code here for a set of custom made selfie inserts, or, choose five sets of inserts from our toast art collection. This is the only way we could bring our personalized products to retailers. It's kinda like ant farms, only you send out for toast art.

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Breakfast Club Join the New Kitchen Counter Culture.

The Breakfast Club combines deals, fun, and maybe even some income. Save up to 20% off any purchase and free lifetime toaster replacement are just two benefits. You can also create a store and start selling toast art for profit or non-profit fund-raising. Check out and manage your custom toast art. A subscription to our monthly newsletter included and did we say it's free to join?

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