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The road to cool toast 'Twas Christmas 2010 when the idea of selling logo toasters with peace signs and pot leaves came to Galen. Someone in his family was getting a Hello Kitty toaster he just bought. While wrapping it, a giant light bulb went off in his head. On his return he talked his friend Owen into helping start a toaster company in Vermont. Owen searched the internet and found the only manufacturing option was going to be China. (There were some American options but we figured most folks wouldn't pay $200+ for a novelty toaster.) With a couple calls to the People’s Republic, Owen sourced the factory and the first Burnt Impressions toasters were created.

Then came the Jesus Toaster. It’s popularity and appeal cemented our commitment and ability to create and market novelty toasters; we have been expanding and bettering the everyday toaster purchase ever since.

Owen is gone now pursuing a career in reality television on History Channel’s “Down East Dickering” and we have evolved from a limited liability company to a couple corporations along the way; yet our pursuit of cool toast has never waned and brought us far. (Mainly out of the barn and into the warhouse.)

Alas, with our new CNC plasma cutter, we have truly created custom toast for the masses without the huge setup fees and minimum quantities previously required; allowing individual expression to consumers and small businesses everywhere for this most common of small kitchen appliance purchases.

Our hope is that you enjoy your toast as much as we enjoy making you toasters.
Meet Burnt Impressions Toaster Engineers