Wow. (Did I say wow?) We are working 16 hour days creating Toasted Selfies and refining processes for their amazing instant popularity. Rest assure the hardest working slacker in America is down for the job. Thank you all!
Late Night Comedians and Reality TV Producers Welcome
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Toasted Selfies You don't have to be famous or Jesus to have your face on toast!

Give us a photo of a face. (One face looks best... two faces maximum) The bigger the file the better. JPGs are easiest for us. Please nothing under 150k (72dpi is fine as long as one side is at least ten inches) Then let our toast engineers create fun breakfast memories!

Allow up to a week 10 days to create.

We make it or your money back!

Blue Toaster Red Toaster Yellow Toaster Green Toaster Powder Toaster

Comes with Full Color Water Peel Decal of Your Photograph on Front of Toaster
~Toasters are White with Color Accents~
We are good but remember fine detail is darn near impossible to achieve with heat and toast.
If we squint and can't see your face we will cancel your order and refund the full puchase price. No hard feelings. (Don't let the word "Corporation" fool you, we are a very small company that cares.)