Two ways to buy Selfie Toasters

1) Create online - We create the inserts and ship them with your toaster.

2) With Certificate - A starter insert ships with toaster. Recipient then uploads photo of their choosing and receives at a later date.

Create Your Selfie Toaster Now?

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Redeemable Certificate Selfie Toasters

Includes a unique Certificate and instructions to redeem for custom selfie inserts at a future date. Comes with a "starter" plate for added anticipation. We will create and mail the custom inserts within ten days of receiving a good photograph. Let your friends and family decide which photo they want on toast!

Some say this is a sign of the end times or the selfie craze gone wild. Either way, we think it's just the natural order of all things toast and a darn unique gift. Just don't put your Selfie Stick inside the toaster while plugged in.

  • Perfect Gift for the Person with Everything
  • Internet/Email Access Required for Certificate Redemption

Available to our toast loving brethren across the pond and beyond with 230v electricity. Please allow extra time for shipping and customs clearance. We will do what we can but any fees or tariffs imposed by another government are the resposibility of the customer.

US 120 Volt Selfie Toaster w/ Certificate

EU 230 Volt Selfie Toaster w/ Certificate

Additional Certificates

22% OFF 2-5 Certificates
30% OFF 6+ Certificates

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Don't Get Bit!

Toasters are electric appliances. Inserts may have sharp edges. Both get HOT! READ ME »

Will My Photo/Logo Work?

Send us your picture or logo through chat or contact. We will promptly check it out and let you know.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If we can't figure out a way to make your toast, we will gladly refund your purchase.

Are all BREADS equal?

Not really. Each image is unique and may toast differently. Certain brands and types of bread work better. We use Jacquet brand bread for all our testing.