The jigs up…

I have put Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation to rest and I am beginning to get out of the custom novelty toaster and toast art business all together. It’s been a long strange trip… often with the guilt of shipping even more plastic all around the planet.

Then I get emails like this…

“I just wanted to tell you that I ordered a toaster insert which I gave to a friend as a Christmas gift this year, and the insert that you made was beyond fabulous. Shockingly fabulous, really. So, I just wanted you to know that.” ~ recent customer

…and I have a harder time thinking about a world without toast art.

It’s not like I don’t like paying my bills with art. I do. I am just getting tired of running a toaster business. 

Want to buy a Novelty Toaster business? 

while supplies last…

These I have on the mountain and ready to ship within 2 days of ordering.



The original Peace Sign Toaster. Made for use in the USA. Shipped only within the USA. $30 ~ shipping included


US Virgin Mary Toasters

The original Virgin Mary Toaster. Made for use in the USA. Shipped only within the USA. $30 ~ shipping included


european jesus toasters

Jesus on every slice! These toasters DO NOT work in the USA. I am sold out of USA Jesus Toasters. They do work in Europe, the UK, and Australia. Sold only TWO at a time. Two Jesus Toasters for $150. Expedited International UPS Shipping Included.

Custom toast art

Any face on toast or your bread back…

If you have patience, it could be 2-4 weeks before I get to making it, and while I still have my equipment, I will continue to make toast art for sale and to fulfill redemption code requests.

I no longer have any US & EU Selfie style toasters usually used for my custom toasters.

For custom toasters that can be used in the USA I am retrofitting black Peace Sign and blue Virgin Mary toasters. These have fixed non-interchangeable inserts.

For custom toasters usable in Europe, the UK, and Australia I am retrofitting my EU Jesus Toasters. These do have interchangeable inserts and come with options to buy more inserts.

Also, If you already have a Selfie or Jesus toaster that allows interchangeable inserts, I will make new inserts for your toaster…

Get Custom Toast Art